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What are the traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits?

Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits

Tax Years Annual Contribution Limit Annual Catch-Up Contribution Age 50 or Older Max. Annual Contribution Limit Age 50 or Older (including Catch-up)
2016 $5,500 $1,000 $6,500
2017 $5,500 $1,000 $6,500

Where can I get specific IRS forms?

Internal Revenue Service

Where can I get specific State of Michigan forms?

State of Michigan

What are the FICA and Medicare limits and rates for 2016, 2017?

The social security wage base for 2016 is 6.2% of $118,500 and for 2017 is 6.2% of $127,200.

The Medicare rate is 1.45% with no base limit.

What are the standard mileage rates for miles driven during a year?

  2016 2017
Business miles driven 54.0 ¢ 53.5 ¢
Medical or moving 19.0 ¢ 17.0 ¢
Charitable 14.0 ¢ 14.0 ¢

What is the Section 179 Expense Election Limit?

For tax years beginning in 2013 the maximum deduction is $500,000.

What is the long-term capital gains rate?

The maximum capital gains rate is 15%

What is the tax rate on dividends received?

Dividends received by an individual shareholder after December 31, 2002 are taxed at the same rates that apply to capital gains.